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LeafLogger is a simple website to allow users of
Leaf Spy Pro to upload, view and (eventually) share data they have gathered on their Nissan Leaf. It works with all years of LEAF. It requires Leaf Spy Pro software, an ELM327 compatible version of the OBD-II reader.

The overall process for Android phones:
  1. Install Leaf Spy Pro
  2. Install your ELM-327 compatible dongle in your LEAF. The plug is directly under the steering wheel in US, left-drive models.
  3. Pair the dongle with your phone. Usually they come up in your Bluetooth settings as OBD-II or something like that. The code if required will be 1234 or 6789 in most cases.
  4. Start up Leaf Spy Pro and select the OBD-II connection as a bluetooth adapter.
  5. Configure Leaf Spy Pro to "Enable Data Logging, Enable GPS, logging interval of 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

  6. Start driving!
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